MTOs for this week are finally done!

At last, our MTOs for this week are finally done and are ll shipped.

We will still have a busy holy week because there are still MTOs to finish for next week. I will try to do it, but still I will not forget the true essence of the Lenten Season.

Let's reflect and pray.

I will be offline starting tomorrow and be back on Monday!

Have a Blessed Holy Week.
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Crochet Summer Sandals

Summer is here!

So sandals and slippers are in. And if you want your cute little girl have her first sandals or slippers, here they are!

Crochet Sandals

Crochet Sandals: White Slip-on, 3-flower, Yellow Gladiator and Pink Sandals
Cutie right? More designs are available at Momaye's Shoppe.

Have a great weekend!

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A busy week that was...

We had a very busy week. Apart from individual jobs, Daddy Allan and I are working overtime doing MTOs.

I am just proud to share that apart from the two sets of crochet diaper covers and headbands, we also finished this batch of crochet booties and a hat
Crochet Booties and a hat
There's still one doll booties not included here and I must finish it tonight since I have to ship them tomorrow. Next week will be another busy week for us because there are 5 more batches of MTOs to finish before the Holy week.

So that's all for now. You can find more designs at Momaye's Shoppe. If you have any queries just leave me a personal message or comment.

Enjoy the rest of the day!
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Crochet Cuffed Boots

Let me share these two lovely crochet cuffed boots made by Daddy Allan.

cuffed boots, Footwear, free crochet pattern,
Crochet Strawberry Cuffed Boots

cuffed boots, Footwear, free crochet pattern,
Crochet Fuchsia Pink Cuffed Boots

I am sure you would like a free crochet cuffed boots pattern. I found this free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

Happy Crocheting!
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Pretty Crochet Diaper Cover and Headband Sets

If you love my first crochet diaper cover, I am sure you will also love these two diaper covers I just made.

Here's a gray ruffled diaper cover with matching headband.

Crochet, Diaper Cover, Headband
Crochet Ruffled Diaper Cover + Headband
When open it look like this.

Crochet, Diaper Cover, Headband
Crochet Ruffled Diaper Cover
And here's another one with flower embellishments just like the first diaper cover I made.

Crochet, Diaper Cover, Headband
Crochet Flowery Diaper Cover + Headband
This one looks better than the my first crochet diaper cover since I used a thicker worsted weight yarn making them look bulkier.

Crochet, Diaper Cover, Headband
Crochet Flowery Diaper Cover 
Pretty right?

Crochet, Diaper Cover, Headband
Crochet Diaper Cover + Headband Sets

Happy crocheting!

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Craft-piration: Crocheting is more addictive than chocolates

Crochet Quotes via Pinterest

Obviously, for me it's a yes. I can live without chocolates but never without my hook and yarn. I am a crochet addict that is. =)

Have a crafty Blessed Sunday!
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How to make a Magic Adjustable Ring

If you are wondering what magic ring/circle is, then here's an easy step by step way to make a magic ring.

From via Pinterest

This is actually an adjustable ring. You can pull it tightly depending on what you want. I am using magic ring in making flowers. It's easy to manage since I can pull it tightly if I don't need to put a button.

That easy right?

Happy crocheting!

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Crochet Poinsettia Headband

I know you are waiting for a free pattern. Daddy Allan made this beautiful headband, which I called Poinsettia headband because of its color combination. 

flower, free crochet pattern, headband, Poinsettia

Looks very Christmas right?

This is just easy to do.

You will need:

3-ply acrylic yarn (red & green)
5.0 mm hook

How to do it:

Band (green yarn)

Ch8. hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook. Hdc until last ch. Ch2, turn, hdc in each st. Continue crocheting row after row until you reached the desired length.

If you want the band to be adjustable, make a loop after the last row.
Ch6, sl st in the opposite side. Fasten off and weave all ends. Sew 2-3 buttons to the band that is 1-inch apart. So in case your baby girl grows a little, she can still wear the headband.

Big Flower (red yarn)

Ch5. Sl st into the first ch to form a ring. Ch1. Make 10 sc into the ring. Join with sl st to Ch1.
Ch1. Make 2sc in each st. Join with sl st to Ch1.
[Ch20. sc in same st. Ch20. sc in next st.]* Repeat this around.
Fasten off and weave all ends.

Small Flower (gree yarn)

Ch5. Sl st into the first ch to form a ring. Ch1. Make 10 sc into the ring. Join with sl st to Ch1.
[Ch16. sc in next st.]* Repeat this around.
Fasten off and weave all ends.

To make the flowers flat, you may use an iron or steam. Arrange or blocked them into a foam board using pin. Then gently press your iron over them.

Sew a red button to the band, then attached the two flowers just like the photo above.

That easy right?

P.S.: This is that my own design. I just modify the free pattern I found at My Favourite Things blog.
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Craft-piration: It's my Superpower

Oh yes! I am a Superwoman. 

Crocheting is my superpower. While hooks and yarns are my special weapons. Lol.

Crafty morning everyone!
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Beautiful Crochet Booties and Headbands

Like what I have said, I love crocheting pretty things. So here's another batch of MTOs we just finished.

Crochet Bumblebee, Hello Kitty and Doll Booties; and crochet flower and Hello Kitty headbands
Hello Kitty booties is our best seller booties now. I know I owe you the pattern. I will post it soon, please bear with me =) 

I also made a Hello Kitty face headband to match the booties.

I personally love the two flower headbands made by Daddy Allan. He helped me with these before he move on to the next batch of orders.

If you want to order, just leave a personal message at Momaye's Shoppe.

That's it. Free patterns coming soon.
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Craft-piration: One Skinny Hooker

Hello everyone!

Let me start this week with this funny Craft-piration.
Crochet Humor
Oh, I will love it! Haha.

Have a crafty day!
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Craft-piration: A Ball of Yarn...

Crafty morning!

Here's another yarn humor.

Yarn Humor

Have a blessed Sunday!
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Craft-piration: I Love Crocheting

I simply love crocheting.

I love crocheting pretty things.

I know, like me, there's something you love to do even if nobody cares.

Care to share?

Crafty morning.

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