Gifts + New Projects for 2014!

Christmas day is over and in a few days we are about to say goodbye to 2013. And so Daddy Allan and I decided to have a crochet break, not a complete break though. Since I am still working on new designs and items we would like to introduce in 2014. But before we have our break, Daddy finished first the gift wrapping.

Christmas gifts and giveaways

Daddy also did our son's McQueen Car hat, which our son loves so much.

Crochet McQueen Car hat
Now back to our new project for 2014. I have been meaning to make clips but I always have no time. And so I grab this chance to finally work on that. Look what lovely bows I made.

Crochet Bows
I'll post a pattern on how to crochet a bow soon. Actually I had one in my draft but I failed to edit and add photos. But I promise to post more free patterns in 2014. I'll also ask Daddy to write down his patterns.

Aside from the crochet bows and flowers clips, I want to do felt appliques. So I bought some craft materials from Pretty Clipz.

Felt cloth, elastic bands, skinny garters from Pretty Clipz

The truth is I have still many craft things but I can't stop my self from ordering more especially that I am so excited to make felt appliques like this one:

Purple Felt Owl Hair Clippies
They're so cute right? 

So that's it guys. I'm hopeful we can do and post more in 2014. Let me know what do you want us to write like free crochet patterns, DIYs, recipes, etc. Daddy Allan and I is a team to entertain you.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you everyone a Prosperous and Blessed New Year!

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The Final MTO for 2013!

As promised, here's the final MTO that we have just finished!

Crochet Minion Hats and Ugg Boots

Let's take a look at each piece/pair. This is the first time I made an Ugg Boots. I'll try my best to post the pattern I made for this one.

Crochet Ugg Boots
For this little girl's Minion hat, I made the beanie then Daddy made the earflaps and the embellishments.

Crochet Minion Girl Hat
So cute right, and how about these two for the parents?

Crochet Adult Minion Hat

Daddy Allan, made the two hats above. I must say he's an expert when it comes with plain hats and hats with earflaps.

Finally, we can  really take a break and rest after a year of non-stop crocheting. We are so blessed that many are trusting us to make their babies' and children's accessories. And guessed what? Ordering of MTO is still closed but we have already 3 batches of MTOs for January. Praise God!

Anyway, 6 days to go and it's Christmas. Wishing you a Merry and Blessed Christmas! - Daddy Allan, Mommy Maye and Matthew

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Two Down, One More To Go!

After almost a month of working all night, finally done with 2 of the last three MTO batches. This is with the combine Mommy and Daddy crocheting effort!

Here's the 3rd to the last batch.

Crochet light pink doll booties with flower, light pink doll booties with ribbon bow, red ladybug doll booties and strawberry cake flower gladiator sandals.

I did the three doll booties above, while Daddy did the sandals. Here's another set from the 3rd to the batch.

Crochet light pink doll booties with ribbon bow, red ladybug doll booties, strawberry cake cuffed boots, gray ugg boots, off-white doll booties with bow, gray crisscross open-toe booties, white doll booties with black strap, and fuchsia pink gladiator sandals.
Daddy did the two boots, the gladiator sandals and the open-toe booties, and the rest are my creations. And if you think we are done with the third batch, no we are not. Here are the 2 hat sets.

Crochet cherry red shell hat and ladybug hat
 The two above are Daddy's, while the two hats below are mine.

Crochet fuchsia pink elegant hat and black rolled brim hat with ribbon
Honestly, I am not good with making hats. I find it difficult to estimate the head circumference size.

Now, let me share the 2nd to the last 3 batches. All crochet hats made by Daddy Allan.

Crochet Hello Kitty Hat, Minion, owl and Lalaloopsy hats

I can breathe now since we are down to the last batch that needs to be done before December 21. After that, we can relax after a year of crocheting. We'll accept orders most probably by the second week of January next year. Sounds like a too long vacation no? But actually, we will dedicate this crochet break to house arranging and painting, more family bonding, Christmas and New Years celebration (of course), and the new project that's long overdue.

So that's it. I'll post the last final batch after once done. I am so excited for the break and I can sleep much longer (hoping our son will let us to =))

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Yarn Organization 101

Ooops... I am no expert with organizing and please don't expect me to list down tips on how to =)

Let me just share what the best yarn organization we have made so far. At first we bought a 5-layer storage rack like this.


But since this is open, we need to put each spool of yarns into a plastic. Also, its' started to get crowded as we purchase more and more lots of yarns. So it's never organized and most of the times, the yarns fell out of the rack. That's why we decided to buy a cabinet with pull out drawers. Unfortunately, it's only good for our Red Heart, Monaco, and Familia Acrylic yarns.

And so we looked for something that's a good storage for our precious yarns. Luckily, we have found storage boxes that are on sale so we purchased 3 big storage boxes.

Multi-function Storage Boxes

And we have discovered something pa about this kind of boxes. Have you wondered why the clear boxes are more expensive than the colored ones like these? We asked the promodizer why is that so and he said that the colored boxes are made form used/recycled materials that's why they are cheaper that the clear ones. This way we can help save the environment since we all know that plastic is non-biodegradable and the only way to avoid these to contribute to pollution is to recycle them.

Going back to the boxes, since these are not clear our problem will be how can we easily tell where's the yarn colors we are looking for, without opening all the boxes. That would be too tasky right? So what I did was I put each box a label indicating what yarn colors are inside.

Yarns in a box

Actually, the three boxes are so full and I'm thinking to buy another one so our precious yarns can breathe, hehe.

More yarns inside the boxes!
I am sure you'll agree that organizing save safe. Look!

So there you go. That's how our yarns are doing right now. Like what I have said, still need to buy more boxes because our yarn stash is growing. I really can't stop shopping for more, e. I am a certified crochet and yarn  addict e.

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