How to make a Magic Adjustable Ring

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If you are wondering what magic ring/circle is, then here's an easy step by step way to make a magic ring.

From via Pinterest

This is actually an adjustable ring. You can pull it tightly depending on what you want. I am using magic ring in making flowers. It's easy to manage since I can pull it tightly if I don't need to put a button.

That easy right?

Happy crocheting!


  1. That's's use to make certain patterns when you sew right?
    Great infographics.

  2. Easy? I guess so if I already learn the craft. :)

  3. Easy? I got lost hehehe...My mom's good with crocheting.... Apparently, that is not my talent hehehe

  4. not easy for me hahaha, i have an ate who is really good in crocheting

  5. Saan ang easy dun, Maye? Hahaha! Loko lang. Dun lang yata ako nakatingin sa bird kasi di ko naintindihan yung photos. Huhu no talent!