Two Beautiful Years of Crocheting and Counting

Last September, our crocheting business has turned two. I actually can't remember when was the exact date we started to accept crochet made to orders. But based on the photo uploaded on Momaye's Shoppe, the very first photo we uploaded under MTO album was on September 21, 2012.

We have already made 228 batches of crochet made to orders. However, I can't count how many corhcet hats, booties, sandals, headbands, clips, barefoot we already made. Let me just share our best sellers.

Crochet Hats

Crochet Red McQueen Hat
(free crochet McQueen car pattern here)
Crochet Blue McQueen Hat
Crochet Hello Kitty Hat
(free crochet Hello Kitty pattern here)
Crochet Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hats
(free crochet Mickey Mouse pattern here)
Crochet Shell Hat with interchangeable flowers
Crochet Shell Hat with interchangeable flowers
Crochet Minion Hats
Crochet Booties/Boots/Sandals

Crochet Hello Kitty Booties
(free crochet Hello Kitty pattern here)
Crochet Hello Kitty Booties and Headband set
Crochet Chucks/Converse
(free crochet chucks pattern here)
Crochet Chucks/Converse
Crochet Chucks/Converse
Crochet Chucks/Converse
Crochet Cuffed and Ugg Boots
(free crochet cuffed boots pattern here)
Crochet Ugg Boots
Crochet Bow and Flower Booties
Crochet Daisy and Ruffled Booties
Crochet Sandals with interchangeable flowers
Crochet Gladiator Sandals
Crochet Gladiator Sandals
Crochet Gladiator Sandals with flowers
Crochet Headbands and Clippies

Crochet Headband with interchangeable flowers
Crochet Shell Headband with Rosette
(free crochet rosette pattern here)
Crochet Shell Headband with interchangeable flowers
Crochet Flower Headband
(free crochet flower pattern here)
Crochet Hello Kitty Headband
(free crochet hello kitty face pattern here)
Crochet Mini Hat, Bow and Butterfly Clippies
(free crochet bow here/crochet mini hat pattern here)
Crochet Flower Clippies
Crochet Heart Clippies
Whew! Wait I'm not yet done. We have best seller crochet souvenirs too.

Crochet Mini Booties
Crochet Mini Chucks
Crochet Pacifiers
There you go. Those are just our best sellers. You can see the complete list and photos of our crochet made to orders at Mom and Dad Crochet page.

Thank you for the continuous trust and support. Everything we crochet is made with our bare hands and with love. Looking forward to many years of crocheting :)

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Crochet McQueen Car Hat (with some variation)

Yes, it's another crochet McQueen Car hat (one of our bestseller hats) with a some variation (and addition).

Crochet McQueen Hat
Modeled by our son, who's a McQueen addict. Daddy Allan added his name at the back of the hat. And instead of two wheels, he just made a big one. Of course, the little boy loves it. Just look at his smile :)

You can get the free crochet pattern this McQueen car hat here. Or you can order a personalized one for your kid at Mom and Dad Crochet page.

Happy crocheting!
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Latest Crochet Creations and more...

Hi everyone!

It's been a long while but I know Daddy Allan always fill your eyes with yummy foods right? Now let me share our latest crochet creations so please keep your eyes wide open :)

These made us busy the past weeks, aside from my KL trip. We receive many orders before my trip that I need to stop accepting orders until I came back. As usual, I made the boots and booties, chucks and sandals, and headbands with flowers. While Daddy A, made the hats. 

I hope one day I can hire one who will help us crochet so I don't need to turn down orders. Because as much as possible, I don't want to break a mommy's heart :) But soon we will have a little helper, as Matt is showing interest in crocheting.

And speaking of our little boy, lately, he loves taking videos of him singing. I uploaded some of his videos in Facebook. He sings nursery rhymes with action and even love songs, which his teacher wonders if he's already been broken hearted. Haha! 

I just hope we have an apogee duet so we can easily record his voice in our tablet or phone just like professionals do. We encourage him to sing because I can see he loves it and who knows he may be a good singer one day.

Anyway, for now I will have to content my self taking videos of him. Time flies and there maybe a time he will be too shy for this, right?

Have a blessed weekend!

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Crochet Pacifier Souvenir

It's been a while since I posted about our crochet creations here. Like always, I have been so busy with my everyday duties. Thanks to Daddy A for keeping our family blog alive through his yummy recipes and amazing photos (you owe me one on this dear, hehe).

Now let me share our latest crochet creation that will definitely make your party be remembered.

Crochet Pacifier Souvenir
These were actually a rushed MTO from a one of our returning clients. I was in doubt if we can finish all the 50 pieces of these in less than a week, but we did. Additional 30 pieces were placed just two days before the deadline and yes, we made it too.

The size of each crochet pacifier is approximately 2.5" x 2". The nipples were stuffed with fiber fill. The crochet pacifier has 3 parts that were sewn together. After sewing together, Daddy A attached the key chain holder then I put the ribbons. Doing these gave us sleep less at night and these are all for the love of crocheting.
And you know what's the best part of these whole labor? It was when the customer thank you and appreciate your work. That's priceless for us.

Next time, I'll try to post a free pattern for this. So watch out for it.

Happy weekend!
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Crochet Character Hats

A mommy ordered these three character hats. 

character hats, crochet hat, donald duck hat, McQueen Car hat, Thomas hat
Crochet Thomas, Donald Duck and McQueen Car Hats
Character hats are the most difficult to do of all the hats we are crocheting. This is because we rely only on the photo alone, without any pattern. Like this Donald Duck hat.
character hats, crochet hat, Donald Duck hat,

This is the first time we crochet a Donald Duck hat and the biggest challenge is to crochet its beak.
character hats, crochet hat, Donald Duck hat,
This is one of our best seller character hats the crochet McQueen Car hat.

character hats, crochet hat, McQueen Car hat

Since we made one for our son, orders for this crochet McQueen car hat keep on coming. Can't blame them because this is indeed cute and a lot of little boys love McQueen like our Matthew Andrei. By the way, Daddy posted a free crochet pattern of crochet McQueen Car hat.

Lastly, we already make two of this another cute character hat, crochet Thomas hat.

character hats, crochet hat, Thomas hat,

Here's the side view of the crochet Thomas hat with ear flaps.
character hats, crochet hat, Thomas hat,
So cute right? You may place your orders at our Mom and Dad Crochet page or at our Momaye's Shoppe. It's our pleasure to serve you!
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Crochet Newborn Set

It's been a LONG while since I post about our crochet MTOs. Finally, I have this time to post about our latest creation.

This is our over cute crochet newborn set.

It consist of the crochet hat with ribbon or lace.

A pair of crochet boots with ribbon/lace too.

And a pair of mittens with lace.

This is the first time we do a pair of mittens and it looks so cute right. By the way, Daddy Allan made that mittens and hat, while I crochet the pair of booties sole and shoe top. Daddy finished it with that ruffles up.

This set will fit newborn up to 3 months. For inquiries, please visit Mom and Dad Crochet on Facebook. We have more crochet designs there.

Happy Crocheting!
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