Crochet barefoot and headband with white ribbon

I am talking about doing my next project that has something to do with ribbons and bows. I have posted how to make a perfect bow already. I just hope I have more time so I can post more tutorials. But don't worry I will find more time for that and please wait.

For the meantime, I will share with you this crochet barefoot and headband with white ribbon.

crochet white barefoot and headband with white ribbon

This set is to be used in a baptism that's why it's all white.

I will definitely make more crochet + ribbon combinations. I have ordered ribbons already and all I need is extra time. I hope! I hope! But my son's birthday is coming so I will be busier in the coming days. I am planning to make amigurumi Pocoyo and friends. Yes, it will be a Pocoyo party for my son's third birthday. I have printed the invitations already and when we finished cutting and laminating, I will show them to you.

Happy crocheting!
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Crochet Basics: Double Crochet

Hello guys!

Sorry for not posting much here. I will make it up soon. For now, here's another step by step tutorial on how to make a double crochet.

how to crochet, double crochet, crocheting
How to make a double crochet

Next tutorial will be half double crochet. Looking forward to posting a simple crochet pattern tutorial =)

By the way, I already posted how to make single crochet in case you failed to see.

Happy crocheting!

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Crochet Hello Kitty Booties and Headband Set

While I am still doing the tutorials for our Crochet Basic, let me share with you some photos of our finished projects.

I can't stop my self from sharing these Crochet Hello Kitty sets.

Crochet, Hello Kitty, Booties, Headband
Crochet Hello Kitty Booties and Headbands

Crochet Hello Kitty booties is one our best seller crochet booties. They are so cute so I am not surprise at all.
Crochet, Hello Kitty, Booties
Crochet Hello Kitty Booties
 Now, here are Hello Kitty headbands to match the booties.

Crochet, Hello Kitty, Headband
Crochet Hello Kitty  Headbands
Please visit Momaye's Shoppe for more crochet accessories.

Stay tune for our next tutorial. Feel free to send me a message if you have any question about our tutorials. I will do my best to help you for free :)

Happy Crocheting!

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