Crochet Converse Blue and Red/White Striped

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday! Let me show the crochet converse booties I made.

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I have done many crochet converse booties but this is so far the most difficult pair I made. As you can see, half is blue and the other half of the booties is red and white stripe.That's why it took me days to figure it out but still I managed to finish the converse booties requested by our client.

I will try to make a pattern and post here. I am not an expert in writing but I will do my best to write down the pattern that you can easily understand. So stay tune!

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Wow, ang cute naman nito! I should've seen your products when Yuri was still a little baby!

  2. Those are the coolest crochet booties I've ever seen. They are adorable!