Reading Crochet Symbol Chart

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I’ve been into crocheting for more than two years now. There are times I can figure how to do it by simply looking at the photo samples. However, if I were to rate myself, I am still 8 out of 10. I still search for patterns online especially for the items very new to me.

Some patterns are in diagram form instead of text ones. So the problem arises because I cannot read such diagrams.

Then I saw this chart:

Crochet Symbol (DMC)

This made me realize that diagram pattern is much simple than text ones. This will also make me create and share patterns here much easier.

The next time I saw patterns like this...

Source: BabyBlog

and this,

Source: Trico and Crochet - madonna mine

and whatever language it is written as long as I have the chart, crocheting will still be fun.

Can you read diagram patterns too?

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  1. you would still need to know what country it is from as UK & USA crochet terms are different so what is used as HDC might not be the same in both (all) countries. either that or you need a key to say what each symbol actually means.