Crochet Character Hats

A mommy ordered these three character hats. 

Crochet Thomas, Donald Duck and McQueen Hats

Character hats are the most difficult to do of all the hats we are crocheting. This is because we rely only on the photo alone, without any pattern. Like this Donald Duck hat.

Crochet Donald Duck Hat
This is the first time we crochet a Donald Duck hat and the biggest challenge is to crochet its beak.
This is one of our best seller character hats.

Crochet McQueen car hat
Since we made one for our son, orders for this crochet McQueen car hat keep on coming. Can't blame them because this is indeed cute and a lot of little boys love McQueen like our Matthew Andrei. By the way, Daddy posted a free crochet pattern of crochet McQueen car hat here.

Lastly, we already make two of this another cute character hat.

Crochet Thomas hat

Here's the side view of the crochet Thomas hat with ear flaps.
So cute right? You may place your orders at our Mom and Dad Crochet page or at our Momaye's Shoppe. It's our pleasure to serve you!

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