Crochet Basics: How to Hold a Crochet Hook

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I am figuring out what is the right way to hold a crochet hook. This is because Daddy and I have different ways to hold a crochet hook.

I hold my crochet like a knife and daddy hold his hook like a pencil. Which is the right way? That's what I try to find out.

There are two basic ways to hold a crochet hook. Most of the crocheter I have seen  is doing this method.

Pencil Method from Crochet Spot

As I already said, Daddy Allan holds  his hook like a pencil. I tried holding my hook like a pencil but I had a hard time crocheting. The yarn keeps on slipping and I can't control the yarn. That's why I just hold my hook like a knife.

Knife Method from Crochet Spot
For me, the knife method is easier and I can crochet faster. Downside for me is when I crochet too long, I feel a sore in the upper part of my palm. So I have to know when to stop, which is by the way hard as crocheting is so addicting. Promise, you will have hard time stopping your self until you have finished a masterpiece.

Actually, there's no right or wrong way to hold a crochet hook. Choose the method you are comfortable.

So how do you hold a crochet hook?


  1. I also hold it like a pen. But the last time I crochet was during my elementary days wherein we were to submit a project. My mama actually did it for me. =)

  2. I used to know how to crochet. i wonder if it's like riding a bike, that it'll come to you again when you do it after hoiw many years.

  3. My mom use to have a set of that tool. I use to play with it when I was still a little kid. But now, I dunno where it went or goes.

  4. Wish ko lang marunong din ako nyan Sis. I admire people who had special skills. Maybe I will try doing that when I stop working na. :)

  5. I do a little crocheting, too. I hold the hook like a pencil. :) Hehe

  6. there was a time i was hooked on crocheting that i made covers for our crystal glasses :)

  7. naku, high school pa yata ako huling nakahawak ng crochet hook, haha

  8. Aha! at least I know how to hold a hook!